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Support for MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards

Support for the MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards plugin is being phased out. The plugin will continue to be maintained on the plugin site in support of legacy users, all new users should go with the MSTW League Manager plugin, … Continue reading

MSTW League Manager 2.0

Happy New Year! Just in time for 2018, MSTW League Manager 2.0 is available on Why the numbering jump from 1.4 to 2.0? The entire plugin was restructured to support the automatic, on-the-fly updates of league standings from the … Continue reading

MLB Logo Set Just Released!

Just in time for Spring Training, a complete set of Major League Baseball Logos, is now available. Have an MLB site? Or maybe just a little league that uses MLB logos? Over 100 images are included in the .zip file. … Continue reading