Team Rosters 2

This roster uses custom CSS. See the plugin documentation on the website for more details. The actually code is available to MSTW Gold Support members.

[mstw_tr_roster_2 team='cal-bears' roster_type='college' sort_order = 'alpha-last' show_title=1]

California Golden Bears Roster

This roster is styled with custom CSS as described. Note that the team logos can also be customized.

[mstw_tr_roster_2 team='sf-giants-1954' roster_type='baseball-pro' sort_order = 'alpha-first' show_title=1]

1954 NY Giants Roster

The next two rosters use the default formatting.

1962 San Francisco Giants (NL Champions)

[mstw_tr_roster_2 team='sf-giants-1962' roster_type='baseball-pro' sort_order = 'numeric' ]

1962 SF Giants Roster

2012 San Francisco Giants (World Series Champions)

[mstw_tr_roster_2 team='2012-sf-giants' roster_type='custom' sort_order = 'numeric' ]

2012 SF Giants Roster