Multi-League Standings

On this site, only the NHL, the Pac 12 North, and the Premier League have records entered for (a sample set of) the teams. The shortcode displays only the three teams with standings to show.

[mstw_multi_league_standings leagues=’nhl,pac-12-north,premier-league’]

1Anaheim Ducks220047342-00-01-02-0W22-0
2Los Angeles Kings210136601-00-10-11-1W11-1
3Las Vegas Golden Knights2110213-21-00-10-01-1L11-1
4San Jose Sharks2021124-20-00-20-00-2L20-2

If you wanted to show all the leagues in the drop-down, you could use this simple(r) incantation:

NOTE: only use ONE instance of this shortcode on a given page. Otherwise you will see some strange behavior.