Multi-Team Schedules

The multi-team schedules shortcode [mstw_lm_multi_team_schedule] has been available since version 2.7. It’s functionality, and the JavaScript behind it, changed in version 2.8.

[mstw_multi_team_schedule league='pac-12-north' show_nonleague=1 show_byes=1]

Since the league argument is used, the teams and seasons dropdowns are populated from the league teams and seasons. The assumption is that every team in the league has games in each season.


[mstw_multi_team_schedule teams='cal-bears,cal-womens-swimming' season='2020,2016,2015,2019-20' current_season='2019-20' show_nonleague=1 show_byes=1 show_meets=1]

This shortcode shows how things can go a bit wrong. The cal-bears (football) team plays in seasons 2020, 2016, and 2015, while the cal-womens-swimming team swims in the 2019-20 season. Therefore a number of team & season combinations create a ‘no games found’ message. So what’s with the ‘current_season‘ argument? The shortcode alphabetizes the teams list and displays the seasons from most recent to least recent. By default, the shortcode would start with the cal-womens-swimming team and the 2020 season, which results in a “no games found message”. The current_season argument fixes that. Phew! It can get a bit complicated!

Sat, 21 DecBaylorW 150-50Spieker Aquatics Center
Fri, 31 JanUSCW 166-136.5Spieker Aquatics Complex
Wed, 26 FebPac-12 Women's Swimming Championships---Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center
Thr, 5 MarBaylor1:00 pmSpieker Aquatics Complex
Wed, 18 MarNCAA Women's Swimming Championships---Gabrielsen Natatorium