Welcome to the MSTW Development Site

This is the development and test site for My Sports Team Website (mstw) plugins and the lab for other “experiments”. As such, you my on occasion see some strange goings on (up to and including crashes). The primary elements of the configuration are listed below.

Plugin Shoppers

Feel free to look around. Write me if you have questions.

Plugin Users

If you think your plugin is not working, you may want to sample what’s here. Feel free to play with the functionality, inspect the styles with your favorite tools, and view the HTML source. If you’d like me to change a setting on the Admin Dashboard, just write. PLEASE POST ALL SIGNIFICANT QUESTIONS ON THE WORDPRESS FORUMS rather than sending e-mail to me directly. This will allow all users to benefit from your questions and comments and from my responses. You decide what should be personnel or ‘back-channel’ and what would benefit the larger community. You can find the forums on the plugin links below.

Site Configuration

I try to keep the configuration current because this is where I test new versions of the plugins and their compatibility with new versions of WordPress. However the stylesheets and plugin settings are in continual flux in response to questions from users.

The very latest versions of the plugins, often versions that have not been released, are always on the site (because this is where they are developed and tested). If you want to access the very latest development version, you can follow the links below to the WordPress.org pages, then follow the developers link to the SVN repository. The Development Version is the very latest and greatest. (Just don’t ask for support on it!!)